Saturday, 8 December 2007

All the food is pink...

After a night in with the boys Millie has recovered her appetite. I thought I might be ok to skip lunch but she was having none of it and happily munched her veg in Costa. DH steamed a large pot of veg last night which all turned pink as he mixed the beetroot in with the rest, lol. It wasn't enough to deter Millie who happily filled up on parsnip, swede, courgette, carrot, sweet potato and beetroot with a nice pear for pudding. By the time she had finished the beetroot had stained her hands, face and mouth bright pink. It didn't end there... In the early hours of the morning DH got a fright when he looked in the potty - a bright red poo! *apologies to those of you not keen on talk of poos!*
Millie has developed an interest in forks. I think it started as I would use my fork to move food into her reach during mealtimes. I once offered her a a carrot from my fork and instead of picking it off, she took the fork and ate from that. I think this is probably a useful development as all the little pieces of food which she can't sort out can easily be taken from a fork. Back to the supermarket I guess.
The weather is rotten today. We went to our local school bazaar with our neighbour this morning and the water in the road was so bad that great arcs of water were covering pedestrians. Sadly another village neighbour and DS were covered head to toe by and inconsiderate driver :0( The bazaar was fantastic - absolutely heaving with merriness. The rain is clearing up now so may head off to the Christmas market and ice rink in Winchester. None of this has anything to do with BLW - I just felt like sharing!
Happy Days,
Kat x


Laura McIntyre said...

LOL On all the pink (yes even the Poo he he).
Eilidh does the same with forks but there is no way i can feed her she needs to do it herself, Millie is doing so well with the BLW

Kat said...

Thank you. I think she may have found her forte.