Thursday, 29 November 2007

Veg, veg and mango.

Another good day! Millie ate sweet potato, parsnip, broccoli and mango.

Sweet potato is very well recieved as its texture (like butternut squash) is very easy to break up. Millie rolls it around on her tongue and makes a most amusing face...

Broccoli is possibly one of the most interesting foods for little mouths to explore - it was certainly one of Millie's favourites before she was chewing and swallowing.

Mango was the new addition to the menu today. I realised that I hadn't given her any fruit since the weekend so off we went to the supermarket to find some. It turns out that it was a stroke of genius going at five o'clock as they had reduced the price of loads of fruit. Best thing about this was that the fruit was all nice and ripe. You may be interested to know that fruit needs to be given at the most ripe it can be (something I wish I'd known before M accidentally swallowed some banana and didn't poo for seven days!). Mel has mentioned how much Baby G loved mango in the early days which is why we chose it. I gave her one chip (and four for me) which she gobbled up with glee.

All in all a very good day.

Thank you to everyone who has posted a comment - it is great to know you are reading and experiencing BLW too.

Tomorrow is going to be challenging as we're out morning, noon and night. I have veg ready for both lunch and supper so fingers crossed I will survive. If I don't manage to post here tomorrow night - you'll know why!

Happy Days,

Kat x

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Laura McIntyre said...

Not sure i have welcomed you but its nice to have you on board, Millie is a cutie. As i have a 1 year old now im not so new to BLW but love to read about others expereinces.

She sounds like she is taking to it so well