Thursday, 1 November 2007

Stolen pizza!

Thursday 1st November

We were back to our usual start time today after the clocks changed, lets hope it lasts eh? I made porridge with dried cranberries and apricots this morning, but it wasn't very popular. I had run out of full fat milk though, so maybe semi-skimmed just doesn't cut it for George!

Lunch was a drawn out affair, eaten largely at peer support training. He had half a leftover pancake, some grapes, half a clemantine and a german humzinger type bar. This was in addition to the grapes eaten round asda and a slice of tiger bread before we set off!

When we got in I was pottering and George appears to have found a slice of my pizza left over from lunch & half inched it! lol - either that or I will find it hidden somewhere very stinky soon!

Supper was tinned veggie ravioli - I am knackered after shopping, rhythm & rhyme, peer support then a walk to the library! This was accompanied by tiger bread and followed by a yoghurt!


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

sounds busy.

what about G's naps? Does he have a nap at the same time everyday or does he sleep when he wants to?

We have a fixed nap time which has to be in a cot as otherwise she doesn't sleep and i find this restricts my movement during the day. Maybe i should be flexible like i see so many mums be. We have a fixed bed time at 8pm as well.

Laura McIntyre said...

Busy big eating day.

I hate the clock change, totally messed up my eldests getting up time