Sunday, 18 November 2007

The nightmare continues....

we still are having horrible teeth, sleep and eating issues.

It is taking an hour on average to get George down at night, annd then he is waking in the night and will not settle without one of us in the room (again - for an hour).

Add to that that he is surviving on bread, grapes & german humzingers, there really isn't a lot to report food wise!

I am also thinking of trying to find a new mum to take over the main blogging, as I am starting to feel a bit redundant, as George isn't really BLWing any more. What do you think? Do you know anyone?? I will of course remain here, blogging with unusual food, hints tips and my usual jabberings! Well, if I can find someone that is! I ideally want someone just starting BLWing...hmmmm


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

Lisa from BB would be good as her little is due in few months I think....


Vikki said...

Hi Mel, I have an 8 1/2 month old daughter, who is well on with weaning by the traditional method, but was wondering what your thoughts were on whether it is too late to start BLW with her. She already loves gumming banana, toast, biscotti and broccoli, but am thinking that perhaps i could try some other BLW type foods with her. What do you think?
reply would be appreciated on this site of to

Mel_x said...

Hi Vikki,

It is too late to start BLW, but not to late at all to introduce more finger foods. Try with easy to eat things like fruit and veg like I did at the start, and take it from there really.

This will help eliminate the tricky transition to lumpy foods by cutting out altogether.



Mel x

Laura McIntyre said...

Its a nice idea finding a new mum but i do enjoy reading about George. You could just make it into a blog about his developments and day to day activites. Its great way to remember everything