Tuesday, 20 November 2007


Tuesday 20th November

Hurray, hurray, hurray!

Breakfast was a very odd daddy version of porridge, with big lumps of date and banana in - which George picked at!

But the breakthrough came at lunch. We went to Katsouris Deli in town, and George ate nearly all of a melted cheese roll - adult sized! He then had a mini pancake and a bite of my chocolate covered banana from the Christmas market!

Supper was some of my homemade spring rolls - which are delicious! Followed by a yoghurt and some grapes!

That almost counts as a real food day!!!


Mel x


mumlollipop said...

love the sound of the spring rolls! Any chance of the recipe?
Glad George is eating again - choc banana - mmmm!
Laura x

Em said...

Glad hes eating again! We have days where he doesnt eat, then its to the oposite extreme...


Sioneva said...

I'm glad he finally ate those spring rolls!!

C is a little porker at the moment - I wonder if he's due for a growth spurt.