Saturday, 24 November 2007

Great Big Blogging News!!!!

Hello lovely readers!

Sooo, as I warned you a few posts ago, I have decided to take the plunge and invite some "fresh blogging blood" to join in with the blog.

You should be getting an introduction post from Kat, who will tell you all about her & her dd Millie.

Kat will be doing a daily update from now, and I will just drop down to a weekly ish post, to keep you updated as to what George is doing. I will however still be reading etc, and will be around to answer any questions as usual. I will also be updating the recipes, articles etc etc etc

I just felt as we are fast approaching 18 months, maybe we were getting a little old to still be classing George as "weaning"!!!

So thank you very very much to everyone who has stood by me for the last year, and I hope that I will still see you all posting on here! I expect the same updates on all my regulars lo's too!

lots of love as always

Mel xxxxx


Jeasmin said...

It's amazing how much time has passed and how grown up or lo's have become. I still rememeber the days when I started giving my lo finger foods (as we started on purees for few weeks before moving to finger foods around the 6 month mark).

Thank you for the time and efort that you put in the blog to help us lazy readers. You and the blog and other mums on BB have been a real source of support to me personally. Also, Baby G has become a common name in our household.



Mel_x said...

Jeasmin, you are such a star!

Thank you for your kind words as always, we will still be here - and I might actually work out one day how to get more photo's on with the new computer!


mumlollipop said...

It's bitter sweet as they grow up isn't it...its lovely them being grown up and no longer weaning but a bit sad that they are no longer babies!

Thanks for the blog, it has provided much needed advice and inspiration over the months!

Looking forward to the weekly updates,
Laura xx

Laura McIntyre said...

I have loved reading your blog the last few months and admit im really happy your not going to stop all together. Love hearing about George