Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Black Gums, Night Terrors & other horrors

Sorry guys,

my posting has gone crap lately, but we have been in the midst of a nightmare here!

George has a molar coming through, and seems to have some sort of blood blister on the gum. It is awful, but the GP isn't overly concerned. It has made George very grumpy and he almost stopped eating for 2 days as a result.

At the same time he has developed some sort of bedroom/night related terrors - and has screamed and screamed hysterically at every nap & bed time. Coupled with waking in the night in the same state.

As such I have lost the will to live, let alone blog!

When I can focus again I will get back to you all!


Mel xxx


Jeasmin said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaah so sorry to hear that. Poor G - he must be in such pain. I wish the whole set of teeth came out in a shorter of spac of time rather than dragging on. Hope things get better and you manage to get some sleep somehow.

Jeasmin x

Sioneva said...

*hugs* I hope he's feeling a bit better today!

I saw an interview with an actress who was in the Jane Austen Book Club last week - it's out on the 16th of November. Any chance you'd want to go see it with me once Graham gets back from the US on the 21st?!

Between that and Stardust, maybe we can get a happy-fix!