Monday, 1 October 2007

Ysabelle's Christening

Sunday 30th September

Phewee, it is celebration city in our household! lol

Breakfast was the toast & banana usual! lol

I took another cream cheese sandwich with us today, but there were so many kids running round like mad at the party after the christening he ate the bare minimum to keep going I think, then was off showing off his dancing! It was a lovely christening - even if Ysabelle did cry the instant she looked at DH at the party - I did PMSL!!

After suffering vegetable guilt after this weekend, George was given veggie meatballs in beans for supper...followed by some peach slices and a few blueberries!

*and relax* - phew, what a weekend!


Mel x

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Laura McIntyre said...

It sounds like a lovely weekend, i find it so funny how kids can eat so much some days and others live of nothing