Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Very lazy mummy!

Wednesday 3rd October

George didn't seem too bothered about his breakfast this morning...but did eventually eat a slice of toast &
marmite & a plum.

I was going out around lunch, but I don't think that was what put George off lunch. He managed about half a
philly & ham sandwich.

He did have half a brioche bun and some grapes at M's house about 3.30....

But totally refused the casserole I defrosted. In desperation I have given him tinned
macaroni cheese... and if he eats that I might try some pan fried apple! Hmmm


Mel x

Edit to say he screamed at the pasta, and point blank refused to apple. As I have nothing else in to offer as a 4th alternative he will have to be hungry. I am a very cross mummy tonight.

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Sioneva said...

Try those blasted Hipp Organics jars. Ciaran loves them more than anything else EVER...except my spring rolls.

Jars from hell, damn them!!

Do you usually leave him alone to eat or stay in the same room? Wonder if leaving the room while he's eating might help at all?