Thursday, 25 October 2007

Soup - finally!

Wednesday 24th October

George had 2 bits of toast & 2 bananas for breakfast! OMG!!

dh made him pasta in a carbonara sauce for lunch, and says he ate a big bowlful.

I didn't make it home until 9.30pm, so dh was still in charge for supper. He made George a bowl of heinz chunky minestrone soup with a slice of brown bread! I haven't looked at the salt etc in the tin - but at least it has veggies in etc! All in all - not too bad eh!!


Mel x


Laura McIntyre said...

Im always scared of the salt content in these things, sounds like a good eating day

Mel_x said...

I try not to worry too much, as 95% of the time what George eats is home made, so I know what the salt is (nothing added!).

It is hard though!