Monday, 29 October 2007

Sausage & Mash - and a very un-BLW meal!

Monday 29th October

George is 17 months today - when does BLW just become eating I wonder? Hmmm, maybe I should get someone new to BLW to co-write the blog now....

Well, we started predictably enough with toast & banana! ho hum!George had a German humzinger bar as a snack at sign - they are wrapped in rice paper so not so messy as the ones over here!

Lunch was some left over pies (baby pies) from last week. The 2 biggest ones it seemed, but all eaten up. Followed by 2 pears.

At C's house he ate half a banana mid afternoon too!

Supper was sausage & mash with a leek & mushroom gravy. George spat out the sausage and lost interest in the mash - so [hangs head in shame] we fed him whilst whooshing the spoon around making aeroplane noises! So 11 months in to this BLW lark and we regress to a stage we bypassed when choosing BLW. I apologise for setting such a crap example! Maybe I really do need someone else to blog with me! lol


Mel x

ps - any new readers - I really do have some helpful stuff on the blog, I have just been rubbish this last week! x


Em said...

I have to spoon feed the rest of his pasta sauces like a baby and also his sometimes his wheetabix before he puts the bowl on his head! Sometimes i just need him to eat.... at any cost!

Em x

Sioneva said...

You know, sometimes you do what you can to get them to eat. You know as well as I do that there is never an "absolutely never" in parenting (except maybe when it comes to never letting them eat lead paint, etc.!")

We've done a BLW/spoon blend all along and Ciaran's doing pretty well in life, all told :)

Dan said...

Ooooh Mel, what a confession to make :-) If its any consolation Naomi's attitude to mash is completely unfathomable. Sometimes she wolfs it, other times she just ignores it.

Jeasmin said...

i think it's a huge achievement that that G never had pureed food or jar food. So a bit of a helping hand fro mummy is nice. I have a friend whose husband occassionally gets hand fed by his mother! Something not right is it? Or maybe a grown man just wants to remain mummmy's boy.

Laura McIntyre said...

Well i guess not all 17 months are on table foods, i was shocked when seing pictures of a friends daughters 1st bday and she was still getting spoon fed purees.

We do spoon feed now and then, yoghurt or soup but normally only a few mouthfuls. My eldest does like to spoonfeed her which she always sits and waits for perfectly.