Monday, 8 October 2007

Pizza Hut - again!

Monday 8th October

Breakfast was once again a banana and some toast! Oh, and he ate a nectarine too! lol

We were very bad at lunch and went to have a pizza hut buffet. George ate pizza, pasta & some sweetcorn from the salad bar! Bad mummy!

Supper was a baked sweet potato, half straight up, and half mushed with some cream cheese & eaten with a spoon. He also ate half a plum, a pear and a yoghurt! Appetite seems better eh?? lol


Mel x


Em said...

Pizza hut is must tho, better than KFC or Mcd's crap! And he eats so well a one off day meal will do him no harm!

Laura McIntyre said...

We went to Pizza Hut the other day to, girls both had spag bol as there was no buffee. I agree with Em much better than other places.