Monday, 1 October 2007

A new type of Pancake Sushi Roll!

Monday 1st October

rabbits rabbits rabbits.....

Well, now the superstition is done with, let's get on with the food. Breakfast was banana & blueberry porridge - quite a big bowlful as well.

Lunch was a bit of a disaster. I made cheesy eggy bread....which was not proving popular. I tried a small squeeze of tomato George dipped the bread in the ketchup, sucked off the ketchup, then threw the bread on the floor. AARRGGHH!!!! lol. He did have the last of the peach slices, and about 3 blueberries too.

For supper I made the pancake sushi rolls, filled with a steamed & mashed sweet potato mixed with cream cheese. They were very popular!


Mel x

ps - forgot to say on the 29th post - George was 16 months....

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Laura McIntyre said...

Happy 16 months, it goes so fast does't it?