Sunday, 28 October 2007

Mushroom Risotto

Saturday 27th October

I had a lie in (woo hoo) and dh gave George toast & a pear for breakfast!

Dh then made a delicious mushroom risotto (his speciality)which George seemed to really enjoy. This was his first rice (sorry Jeasmin not made the lentil & rice yet!!) and he seemed to really like it.

Supper was farfalle pasta with the bought tomato & vegetable organic kids sauce with cheese, followed by a banana and a yoghurt!


Mel x

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Jeasmin said...

Hi Mel,

Don't worry - i too hoard receipes but never seem to get the time to make them all. When i am in a rush i seem to stick to tried and liked receipes.

I gave Hannah those indian ready made kebabs today and she loved it - i thought it might be a little too hot but she wanted more. I had to stop myself from giving more as the salt content was way too high!

Take care.

Sorry for not commenting but I do read daily. Still a great read!