Sunday, 14 October 2007

Manchester Art Treasures & Grinch

Saturday 13th October

George had toast & banana for breakfast today - but at least it isn't so predictable any more!

We went out to look round the Manchester Treasures exhibition at the art gallery today, and after a huge walk, we headed off to Grinch for lunch. Poor George was very tired, and wasn't much interested in food. He ate some garlic & tomato bread, and about half a slice of margerita pizza - but that was all. He did chew most of a German fruit bar...but spat some out on the floor! Yum!!

I bought him a M&S kids supper of aberdeen angus meatballs in pasta - and he apparently ate only the pasta! Grr. The fruit & yoghurt diet lives on!


Mel x

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