Sunday, 14 October 2007

Crying for fruit!

Sunday 14th October

Today has been a bad bad food day - one I wouldn't encourage anyone to replicate! Dh bought some raisin & lemon mini pancakes & a chocolate brioche for breakfast. It was delicious - but not v healthy!

Then, whilst I convalesced and I thought he & George were in the park he snuck off for a pint and gave George mini cheddars for lunch. OMG!!! He did have half a peach when he got home though!

Supper was supposed to be scambled eggs with ham & cheese, but he got hysterical at the mere thought - pointing desperately at the fruit bowl (which we had to hide!). He did finally eat some malt loaf and a yoghurt. All very traumatic.

So take heart dear readers....this day should reassure you of the healthy diet you are giving your lo's at least! pmsl


Mel x

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Laura McIntyre said...

We all have days like that, even kids deserve treats now and then. Do what i do and always look st food over a week rather that day and i don't feel so bad