Wednesday, 31 October 2007


Wednesday 31st October

Due to rushng off to Grandma's this morning, we reverted to toast & banana. Bad mummy put a small scrape of honey on the toast though! lol

no idea about lunch!

For supper I made potato & sweetcorn pancakes with tomatoes. They seemed quite popular! This was followed by the now obligatory yoghurt! lmao


Mel x

Muttar Paneer

Tuesday 30th October

I made a grated apple & date porridge this morning - which was largely greeted with suspicion tbh - but he did eat some of it at least!

I got all creative and made muttar paneer for George. For those not in the know it is a pea & paneer dish, with a tomato base. Anyone who makes it properly would have had a fi at mine as I had no fresh herbs, so I improvised a little, but George ate some! lol

Dh made a tomato sauce for pasta for supper - so all in all a good cooking day here!


Mel x

Monday, 29 October 2007

Sausage & Mash - and a very un-BLW meal!

Monday 29th October

George is 17 months today - when does BLW just become eating I wonder? Hmmm, maybe I should get someone new to BLW to co-write the blog now....

Well, we started predictably enough with toast & banana! ho hum!George had a German humzinger bar as a snack at sign - they are wrapped in rice paper so not so messy as the ones over here!

Lunch was some left over pies (baby pies) from last week. The 2 biggest ones it seemed, but all eaten up. Followed by 2 pears.

At C's house he ate half a banana mid afternoon too!

Supper was sausage & mash with a leek & mushroom gravy. George spat out the sausage and lost interest in the mash - so [hangs head in shame] we fed him whilst whooshing the spoon around making aeroplane noises! So 11 months in to this BLW lark and we regress to a stage we bypassed when choosing BLW. I apologise for setting such a crap example! Maybe I really do need someone else to blog with me! lol


Mel x

ps - any new readers - I really do have some helpful stuff on the blog, I have just been rubbish this last week! x

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Mushroom Risotto

Saturday 27th October

I had a lie in (woo hoo) and dh gave George toast & a pear for breakfast!

Dh then made a delicious mushroom risotto (his speciality)which George seemed to really enjoy. This was his first rice (sorry Jeasmin not made the lentil & rice yet!!) and he seemed to really like it.

Supper was farfalle pasta with the bought tomato & vegetable organic kids sauce with cheese, followed by a banana and a yoghurt!


Mel x

another crap post!

Friday 26th October

apart from toast & banana for breakfast I have no idea.

I am getting very rubbish at my blogging - it has been a very funny week though, so please excuse me!


Mel x

Thursday, 25 October 2007

A little bit of everything!

Thursday 25th October

There was no milk & no butter in the fridge this morning, so George had a fruit platter for breakfast - a banana, 2 satsumas & some strawbs (he rejected the pear!)

Lunch was 3 baby pies from my batch earlier in the week.

Supper has been beans (with cream cheese stirred in) on toast, followed by a yoghurt & some grapes.


Mel x

Soup - finally!

Wednesday 24th October

George had 2 bits of toast & 2 bananas for breakfast! OMG!!

dh made him pasta in a carbonara sauce for lunch, and says he ate a big bowlful.

I didn't make it home until 9.30pm, so dh was still in charge for supper. He made George a bowl of heinz chunky minestrone soup with a slice of brown bread! I haven't looked at the salt etc in the tin - but at least it has veggies in etc! All in all - not too bad eh!!


Mel x

Mummy on a road trip!

Tuesday 23rd October

I did another date porridge for breakfast this morning, which wasn't as popular as yesterday! grr - I obviously need to be more creative here - lol

Lunch was a bit of a ham sandwich, then a bit of cheesy garlic bread.

I set off after lunch to drive to Kent (via Worcester!) so dh was in charge. He made him beef ravioli for supper, followed by a yoghurt & a plum!


Mel x

Monday, 22 October 2007

Baby Pies again!

Monday 22nd October

A delicious majool date porridge got us off today!

Lunch was another screaming fit - again over fruit. I made Jennie M's spring rolls (OMG delicious!!) but all George wanted was fruit. So he had 3 satsumas and a pear - I ate the spring rolls.

Supper was 3 baby pies made today with spud, sweet potato, carrot, onions, sawwetcorn & spinach & cream cheese! George ate 3, and a yoghurt. We hid the fruit bowl during supper - which appears go be the way forward from now on.


Mel x


Sunday 21st October

dh did breakfast of toast & a banana, but when I got up George shared my eclair (I was hungover!) and some of my veggie bacon sandwich!

Lunch was a crumpet & a peach - with a snack of a pear mid afternoon.

I made a sort of roast - I bought dh & George a minced Aberdeen Angus beef pie (I had a mini quorn one!) and made roast spuds, carrots, sweet potato & onions. I also made a broccoli & cauliflower gratin with leeks & mushrooms. George took one look at it & screamed - uncontrollably. In the end, eating no supper he had some malt loaf & a yoghurt. Grr


Mel x


Saturday 20th October

George had a big bowl of porridge for his breakfast - then we set off to go to Stockley farm!

Having got horrible lost, we decided to have lunch at Slattery's in Whitefield - a delicious chocolatiere where our wedding cake came from! It was full, but we bought some cake & chocolate to take away! George was starving though, so ate some of his packed lunch of philly & ham sandwich & some grapes.

We ended up in rusholme, with George eating paneer pakora and some of a veggie samosa, with nan bread to finish and a couple of tomato garnishes. He finished off the grapes, and half a humzinger too!

After a 2 hour lunch, he just had a couple of yoghurts for supper!


Mel x

Friday, 19 October 2007

Still no book - sorry!

Friday 19th October

I made toast & marmite and a banana for breakfast!

He apparently "ate plenty" at Grandma's - but it didn't occur to dh to ask what!

As such he wasn't really interested in much supper. dh made pasta with a jar of organic kids pasta sauce with all sorts of hidden veggies. He half ate a peach and is at present having a yoghurt - there is always room for a yoghurt! lol


Mel x

Paddy in the Pizzaria!

Thursday 18th October

I made a very popular dried cranberry and sultana porridge for breakfast - which was eaten after a banana!

Lunch was at peer support training again. He ate a brown philly & tomato roll cut up into pieces (as he eats on the trot!), some massive grapes and a small bit of one of the German humzingers.

I decided to brave a mum & son trip for a pizza for supper, as I couldn't bare to cook. George was not impressed, and screamed most of the time we were there! I think he managed 3 dough balls and 1 square of pizza. All very traumatic!


Mel x

Catching up!

Wednesday 17th October

George was whisked away to Grandmas before breakfast, and we still have a breakdown in what he ate there with the loss of the book. I will buy a new book this weekend!

I made George a bowl of beans, with the three remaining pancakes from last night spread with cream cheese for supper. I am very bad, and he had the full fat, sugar, salt, lead, asbestos...(okay, slight exageration!!) ones, and loves them! He was dipping the pancakes in too! lol


Mel x

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Spinach & Potato pancakes

Tuesday 16th October

George still at in-laws until 3pm as I was still so unwell. I know he ate a M&S fruit salad, some ham & cheese omlette and a M&S apricot pastry (!!!)

I had a sudden Nigella moment though in my death bed and decided to make spinach & potato pancakes for supper. He seemed very keen on them...I will post a recipe as soon as I feel well! He ate 6, then a yoghurt.


Mel x

A bad day all round

Monday 15th October

I had to rush off to Court this morning, so George had both breakfast & lunch there. I picked him up mid afternoon, but then came down with a hideous ended up calling FIL to take him back overnight.

He ate very little of the supper I offered - but FIL said he had eaten well in the day.

I felt so hideous that I didn't care what he had eaten! lol


Mel x

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Crying for fruit!

Sunday 14th October

Today has been a bad bad food day - one I wouldn't encourage anyone to replicate! Dh bought some raisin & lemon mini pancakes & a chocolate brioche for breakfast. It was delicious - but not v healthy!

Then, whilst I convalesced and I thought he & George were in the park he snuck off for a pint and gave George mini cheddars for lunch. OMG!!! He did have half a peach when he got home though!

Supper was supposed to be scambled eggs with ham & cheese, but he got hysterical at the mere thought - pointing desperately at the fruit bowl (which we had to hide!). He did finally eat some malt loaf and a yoghurt. All very traumatic.

So take heart dear readers....this day should reassure you of the healthy diet you are giving your lo's at least! pmsl


Mel x

Manchester Art Treasures & Grinch

Saturday 13th October

George had toast & banana for breakfast today - but at least it isn't so predictable any more!

We went out to look round the Manchester Treasures exhibition at the art gallery today, and after a huge walk, we headed off to Grinch for lunch. Poor George was very tired, and wasn't much interested in food. He ate some garlic & tomato bread, and about half a slice of margerita pizza - but that was all. He did chew most of a German fruit bar...but spat some out on the floor! Yum!!

I bought him a M&S kids supper of aberdeen angus meatballs in pasta - and he apparently ate only the pasta! Grr. The fruit & yoghurt diet lives on!


Mel x

Spanish Omlette

Thursday 11th October

Okay, I am slacking I know...but I have been poorley all weekend!

Thursday was a pretty uneventful food day, until supper. I made a spanish styleee omlette with potato, shallot & grated cheese in. George ate it with some lentil dip on the side, and loved it!


Mel x

Friday, 12 October 2007

DH in charge - so no entry!

Wednesday 10th October

I was up at 5 to fly to London for a course, leaving dh in charge of getting George to grandma's etc.

DH fitted our new kitchen sink during the day, so George stayed at Grandma's for supper too....but dh is rubbish at remembering what George ate, so there is another blank entry! Sorry girls!


Mel x

Double Dips!!

Tuesday 9th October

I did a breakfast of porridge with banana and dried cranberry - which was a huge hit!

Having suffered from guilt over the pizza hut (i know I am being silly!!) I made two dips for lunch - homemade hummus & Jenny Mazails red lentil & tomato dip. I started serving them with halloumi - but resorted to breadsticks in the end. George did eat a bowlful of the red lentil dip though.

After swimming he snacked on a pear and some strawberries.

Dh did supper of the organic mini-sausages & beans. All in all a good protein day I think!


Mel x

Monday, 8 October 2007

Pizza Hut - again!

Monday 8th October

Breakfast was once again a banana and some toast! Oh, and he ate a nectarine too! lol

We were very bad at lunch and went to have a pizza hut buffet. George ate pizza, pasta & some sweetcorn from the salad bar! Bad mummy!

Supper was a baked sweet potato, half straight up, and half mushed with some cream cheese & eaten with a spoon. He also ate half a plum, a pear and a yoghurt! Appetite seems better eh?? lol


Mel x

Weekend breakdown!

As far as Saturday & sunday are concerned - we have no idea what happened food wise...

George has eaten well, lots of fruit - but neither of us can remember what he had on which day etc.



Mel x

Friday, 5 October 2007

Starting to eat

Friday 5th October

Well things have improved a little today! Breakfast was a banana and a brioche roll.

Dh was in charge today, and so lunch was a little bizarre - rice pudding with some sort of rustic WI type jam. JAM!!!????

I can home in time to see him munching away on a nectarine - it is so cute to see him eat his way round the stone...bless.

He ate some pasta with cream cheese & spinach, followed by a bit of pear and a fromage frais. All in all not a bad food day.


Mel x

ps - Without comment on the politics behind it, the latest soldier killed in Afghanistan was an old school friend, as is his wife. I am no longer in contact with them, but know they have 2 kids aged 3 & 1. Please spare a thought for those he leaves behind x

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Hunger strike

Thursday 4th October

The day didn't start well today...I put the refused but delicious apples in porridge...and George refused to eat it. In the end he ate half a banana, lots of grapes and a brioche roll as we did the food shopping.

Lunch was at peer support training...he sucked the cream cheese off some bread, ate 3 slices of malt loaf and 1 grape!

The grape obsession continued when we got home as he stole them off the kitchen counter whilst I was washing up.

Supper was a running battle. He got the rest of the macaroni cheese with 2 mini quiches....not 1 morsel passed his lips. He was pointing at the fruit bowl, but when I peeled an orange he threw it on the floor. He did eat half a brioche roll. So all in all a rubbish day....he better get some teeth or something to show for this soon! lol


Mel x

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Very lazy mummy!

Wednesday 3rd October

George didn't seem too bothered about his breakfast this morning...but did eventually eat a slice of toast &
marmite & a plum.

I was going out around lunch, but I don't think that was what put George off lunch. He managed about half a
philly & ham sandwich.

He did have half a brioche bun and some grapes at M's house about 3.30....

But totally refused the casserole I defrosted. In desperation I have given him tinned
macaroni cheese... and if he eats that I might try some pan fried apple! Hmmm


Mel x

Edit to say he screamed at the pasta, and point blank refused to apple. As I have nothing else in to offer as a 4th alternative he will have to be hungry. I am a very cross mummy tonight.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Pret-a-manger sandwich

Tuesday 2nd October

I did a date porridge this morning, another success I have to say!

DH took George out for lunch, and gave him a roasted vegetable pret sandwich apparently for lunch.

Supper was a banana (spotted whilst I cooked pasta!) some mushroom tortellini with pesto & a noddy fromage frais!


Mel x

ps - only 1 taker so far on the "your BLW experiences" write up - surely someone else wants to share, plug their own blog...anything????x

Monday, 1 October 2007

A new type of Pancake Sushi Roll!

Monday 1st October

rabbits rabbits rabbits.....

Well, now the superstition is done with, let's get on with the food. Breakfast was banana & blueberry porridge - quite a big bowlful as well.

Lunch was a bit of a disaster. I made cheesy eggy bread....which was not proving popular. I tried a small squeeze of tomato George dipped the bread in the ketchup, sucked off the ketchup, then threw the bread on the floor. AARRGGHH!!!! lol. He did have the last of the peach slices, and about 3 blueberries too.

For supper I made the pancake sushi rolls, filled with a steamed & mashed sweet potato mixed with cream cheese. They were very popular!


Mel x

ps - forgot to say on the 29th post - George was 16 months....

Ysabelle's Christening

Sunday 30th September

Phewee, it is celebration city in our household! lol

Breakfast was the toast & banana usual! lol

I took another cream cheese sandwich with us today, but there were so many kids running round like mad at the party after the christening he ate the bare minimum to keep going I think, then was off showing off his dancing! It was a lovely christening - even if Ysabelle did cry the instant she looked at DH at the party - I did PMSL!!

After suffering vegetable guilt after this weekend, George was given veggie meatballs in beans for supper...followed by some peach slices and a few blueberries!

*and relax* - phew, what a weekend!


Mel x