Monday, 17 September 2007

Wonderful, Wonderful news

Monday 17th September

Breakfast was a slice of toast and a pear - a HUGE pear mind! lol

Lunch was toasted and buttered potato cakes - there was a side of cheesy scrambled eggs, but they were totally rejected.

This afternoon we went to baby clinic as I felt we hadn't been for ages. George was weighed, and is now between the 50th & 75th centiles - after all that bloody worry and heartache, and now he is almost back where he started (via a small detour to off the bottom of the 0.4 line as some of you will remember!!). Almost as good, she said there were only 2 other lo's out of the 70 odd she sees who are as advanced as George - she thinks he is really advanced developmentally for his age, and just said "well done" to me. I hate blowing my own trumpet, but after so long feeling I was doing something wrong, I cannot explain how good it feels to be complemented on my son.

After a small snack of pitta bread and salsa when mummy and daddy snuck out for a quick drink, George had gnocchi with philly & spinach for supper followed by an orange.

Off to feel smug


Mel xx


mumlollipop said...

Well done Mel - it sounds like George is doing great!
What exactly is he doing to impress you HV so much?....go on... you can brag - you deserve to!

Mel_x said...

It was just his walking, signing and speech really...and apparently how he played with his toys! (??)

After all the nonsence when he was little it just felt great to hear that about him. My clever baby!


Mel x

Jeasmin said...

Well done! I really think BLW and BF is part of him dev advanced. Don't you think? Pincher grip etc helps with many other tasks.


Laura McIntyre said...

Yah George, how old is her? Don't think i have ever seen his age since i started reading. Its great being told you kids is advanced , makes you feel great

Mel_x said...

I am sure BLW does help, I think it encourages them to work things out quicker!

George is almost 16 months...I used to update monthly, but I have lost track lately...will try to do it more!


Mel x