Thursday, 20 September 2007

Topkapi Palace & the worst mummy

Thursday 20th September

George had 2 pieces of fruit toast & a banana for breakfast.

We went to rhythm & rhyme this morning, and as I planned to be out for just the hour of the session I took no drink, snacks or nappies! I had, of course, totally got the time wrong for our LLL Peer Support training, which started 15 mins after R&R finished. I turned up with a sleeping George with no lunch etc. I scrounged a nappy when he woke...and he had 3 biscuits and water from a polystyrene cup. I looked awful. He had some fruit and a drink when we got home!

We then had an early tea at our favourite Turkish restaurant. George loves halloumi & hummous as well as bread, so I thought he would eat no problems. I hadn't banked on what a sensation he would be to the waitresses, who couldn't keep off him - he was so giddy he hardly ate - he blew kisses at them instead! He did manage most of the lollipop they found for him, until the lolly fell off the stick & he almost choked on it! Wonderful!

He is currently finishing off another 2 slices of fruity bread! Grr.


the worsy mummy on the block! x


Jeasmin said...

I am sure there are plenty of more worse mums out there! A bit of this and bit of that at times is good!


Mel_x said...

thanks hun