Thursday, 27 September 2007

Post 300 - can you believe it!!!

Wednesday 26th September

another breakfast of toast & banana! All eaten up though.

Dh forgot to tell me about lunch - so no clues...but he isn't as inventive as me at meal times, so it was probably cheese on toast! lol - if I remember, I will ask & update later!

Supper was supposed to be beans & fish fingers...but the fingers were rejected totally. So beans it was...all eaten beautifully with a spoon. He finished with a yoghurt (trying new ones - noddy organic ones in tubs now the spoon is used so well!) and a big handful of grapes.


Mel x

ps - I know it isn't food related - but who saw Bringing up Baby? I was utterly mortified.


Jeasmin said...

I didn't but I am curious by your alarming comment - what was it about?

Laura McIntyre said...

I have only watched the first few minutes of it so far and was already horrified. I don't expect my 2 year old to go 4 hours between feeding so why should a newborn? And the just leaving in cot from 7-7 almost had me in tears. Not sure im looking forward to the rest

Mel_x said...

It was awful. They are trialing 3 different parenting methoda. One involves basically abandoning your baby in the garden for most of the day alone. No cuddles, no kisses, no snuggling during feeds. They sleep alone in their own room from day 1, and are expected to be there 7-7. Oh, and they are only fed every 4 hours. If they cry in between they are left to cry.

I have complained to ofcom - I think this amounts to child abuse.