Tuesday, 11 September 2007

A potted History of downtime

hurray hurray hurray - I"M BACK!!!

OMG, sad as it sounds I have been lost without my internet!

I have tried not to do anything too adventurous whilst I have been offline as I didn't want you to miss anything big. However, what has really happened with a vengance this last week or so is just how well George now eats with his fork and spoon. He managed a whole plate of beef ravioli on toast with his fork unaided this week.

I also had some sucess on sunday with a sausage casserole! I made it from scratch, a veggie one for me and meat for dh & George, and it was a sucess all round. George refused the spuds and veggies that went with it (grr) but liked his sausage. I used red lentils for the first time and even dh liked them! In my latest shopping expedition I have bought tesco out of tinned tomatoes to make other tomatoey and lentilly sauces! yummy!

The fruit love affair continues unabaited! As does the love affair with bread! oh, and I have stuck to the usual brekkie - shock horror! pmsl.

so...back to the daily diary then........


Mel x

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