Monday, 3 September 2007

Pizza Hut

Sunday 2nd September

Breakfast was some brown seeded toast and a banana!

DH & I planned a walk, so I gave him an early snack of dried and fresh fruit, which he wolfed down. This was about 12 o'clock.

After a failed expedition for little boy wellies, the drizzle was so bad we abondoned the walk and headed to the local pizza hut - a rare treat! George ate a big bowl of macarroni cheese, mainly with an adult sized fork! All with very little mess. He also figured out a straw for the first time!

Supper was a pear, 2 satsumas and a plum!


Mel x

ps - forgot the office junior update from friday. He wasn't impressed by strawberries - they apparently tasted like apples. He did like the blueberries though! In fact, he asked where sold them so he could get more!


Sioneva said...

Aww - I feel better about Ciaran's excursion to Burger King (he had half of my chicken fillet strips) now that I know George has had Pizza Hut!

Missing seeing you, hon - let me know if you get a free moment one evening when I can stop by or you drop by ours.


Jeasmin said...

my lo is also mad about macarroni cheese!

Laura McIntyre said...

Mac and cheese is a big fave around here, we always have some in the freezer just in case, my kids have both been to Pizza Hut a few times :)