Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Pasta Bake - not a chance mummy!

Tuesday 18th September

Breakfast was toast & a pear..which he couldn't get in quickly enough this morning.

Lunch was 3 potato cakes with butter and a pile of blueberries.

We went to M's to play before swimming and George found his after swimming breadstick, so ate that whilst he played. As such he shared M's strawberries and biscuits after swimming - I am sure he does it to make me look like a rubbish mum!

He totally refused to even entertain the yummy pasta bake I made for supper, and in the end I relented and gave him a plum, a banana and some malt loaf! He didn't even taste the pasta bake, which is the infuriating thing. Grr


Mel x

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