Monday, 24 September 2007

A much better day

Monday 24th September

I tried a new breakfast today - porridge with mixed in sultanas, prune (but up) and cut up dried apple rings. George ate 2 bowlful's. I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see him eat!

I had to go to work at 1 for a meeting, so DH did lunch. He says George ate almost a whole malt loaf!

I made pancake sushi rolls for supper, and George ate 2. He then had a massive pot of rhubarb yoghurt - an extra special one which was thick & delicious.

phew - a much better day than yesterday! Will try Jeasmin's suggested recipe tomorrow, as soft spoonable food seems to work!


Mel x

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Jeasmin said...

Let me know how you get on. It's a fab adult food as well. Very common in the asian comm during this current fasting month. A big bowl of kisuri when you break you fast does really fill you up and it is very healthy as well.