Thursday, 27 September 2007

Manic tuesday!

Tuesday 25th September

dh was in charge most of the day, as I had to work. He returned to toast & banana for breakfast, which wentt down okay.

Wonders will never cease, but George ate scrambled eggs and bread for lunch - he usually hates scramled eggs - maybe all the pepper dh uses helps! hmmm.

After swimming he had a bereadstick, some blueberries and a few stolen veggie cookies as a snack.

Supper was pasta with pesto & grated cheese, followed by a yoghurt. No sign of any teeth yet, but he is at least eating more, which is a relief!


Mel x

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Laura McIntyre said...

Is't it funny how people always assume that because a child has no teeth they cannot eat "real" food. Seem to be a trend amoung BLWs to be late teething, maybe there body just sees no use for them.

Just thought it was funny as i was reading this my two girls are having scrambled eggs and toast for there lunch :)