Sunday, 16 September 2007

Horrible Landlord affects Dinner Plans

Saturday 15th September

After his usua; breakfast with daddy, George then ate some of my tea cakes too!

Lunch was strawberries and two peaches, eaten in the pub with dh on the way back from the barber! Not sure I approve of the venue though! lol

We were thinking of trying a new supper venue after we popped out this afternoon/evening, as Lloyds in Chorlton had a nice sounding kids menu. However, after George cried for less than a minute the landlord, who appeared a little worse for wear, came and asked us to control our baby. I was so livid I walked out immediately, and am now determined to spread the word about their rude and non-child friendly attitude. So - if you are ever in Manchester - avoid Lloyds in Chorlton like the plaigue.

In the end George, dh & I all had a lovely supper in Croma...dough balls and ham pizza for George and a small tub of vanilla ice cream as a treat. lol!


Mel x


Laura McIntyre said...

Oh my gosh - never heard of anything like that before, could see it if baby had been crying for a while and you were just ignoring him but for a few moments? What a horrible place

Mel_x said...

I was really upset tbh - even more so as there was 1 table of men sat near us who were watching tv and were far louder than George was, for longer.

If they say they are child friendly then they cannot only expect Victorian kids who are seen and not heard.

George honestly cried for less than 1 minute, as I just about managed to say to dh "just totally ignore him, don't look at him" and he was already calming down.



Mel x

Jeasmin said...

Good for you! How dare he?

Similar thing happened when we were flying back from our hol, Hannah was crying because she wanted to sleep (as it was her nap time but couldn't sleep as she wasn't in her cot), and this horrible man kept looking at us from the corner of his eyes. Dh was ready to say few words had the 'man' said anything. But he didn't.

It's like we enjoy it when our lo's cry!