Sunday, 30 September 2007

Helene & Neil's Wedding

Saturday 29th September

breakfast was toast & banana for the first sitting, then for second sitting he has some tinned spag bol (dh??!!!), egg and potato cake!

Just before we set out to the wedding, he had 2 further potato cakes, and a noddy fromage frais - which I am ashamed to say I fed him (yeah - 16 months in to this BLW lark!!) to keep his outfit clean!

During the photograph lull time after the ceremony George munched on blueberries, and a bit of peach. For the wedding breakfast he ate a cream cheese sandwhich on fresh bread, some bread roll and some dried fruit. He totally ignored the served food as a result, even the ice cream!

I was worried he hadn't eaten much, but in writing this I realise he ate quite a bit! lol


Mel x


Em said...

I sometimes feed him wheatabix in morning to avoid the mess he makes when he feeds it him self or i'd be late to work most days. Its bad i know and cheating but needs must sometimes!

Em x

Laura McIntyre said...

I wish i could feed Eilidh, its the whole reason we started BLW was because she would refuse to be spoon fed (although i had looked into it before) , We have quite a few ruined outfits