Thursday, 27 September 2007


Thursday 27th September

I did porridge again for breakfast - today with blueberries, sultanas and dried apple in - and it went down a storm again!

Lunch was in 2 parts. A peach at home, the rest at the bf training. He had 4 mini quiches (which I have to take in the recipe for), a ton of grapes and more blueberries!

After a run round the park, we went to Crome in Chorlton for supper. George ate some dough balls to start, 3/4 of his kids ham & mushroom pizza and a tub od dairy ice cream! Phewee!


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

Are you training to be bf support worker? I am going to start my training in few weeks time. The support I received was soo great that I want to pass on to others. It is because of a very lovely bf counsellor that I am still bf my Hannah at 14 months. It breaks my heart when I hear so many myths about BF and as a result people ff their babies.


mumlollipop said...

Sounds like George is back on track with his eating - those pesky teeth have a lot to answer for!

Was meaning to ask how old George was when you started him using a spoon /fork and how you did it?
Laura x

Laura McIntyre said...

I would love to hear more about your training, its something i am about the start myself, im still feeding my 28 month old (and 10 month old) so feel i could help others. It sounds like a yummy food day

Sioneva said...

I'm still SO annoyed that the bf support training is on a day that I work. ARGH!!!


Mel_x said...

Hi Girls,

I am doing the LLL peer support training, it is a 12 week course. I think they are hoping to use us quite a bit when we "qualify" - which will be good. It has been organised by the midwives who run our local baby cafe, and so it is finded by the PCT (or the hospital).

As for forks, I think i started with George about 10 months, as an every now & again thing. He now eats most meals with them. When I say 10 months though, we were spearing the food and handing him the fork! We just have metal ones, so to start with he only got them when I could sit with him.


Mel x