Monday, 17 September 2007

Fruit overload!!

Sunday 16th September

So, as usual the day started with toast & a banana - nothing new.

As I have a house full of fresh fruit, and George is now often funny about lunch, I gave him a bowl full of strawbs, blueberries, grapes and a cut up plum. He ate it all bar the strawbs!

DH made a delicious supper of sausage & mash with a leek & mushroom gravy. It was delicious - but George just screamed at the thought of it, pointing hysterically at the fruit bowl. In the end he had another 2 plums and an orange. So except for a slice of toast all he ate all day was fruit. Typical eh...most parents in the news struggle to get their kids to eat fruit, I am struggling to get him to eat anything else.

I was having a bit of a lazy mummy day though, so I will be a bit more determined food wise today! lol


Mel x

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