Monday, 3 September 2007

Fish Pie

Monday 3rd September

nothing new for breakfast!

Dh made some pasta sauce for his and George's lunch, but he said only a little got eaten. George did have a pear or two though.

I bought a no added rubbish cheesy fish pie for George, but he got pretty hysterical about it tbh. He had a few spoons of it, but in the end dh resorted to philly on toast!

Grr - boy cannot live on bread & fruit alone!!!


Mel x


Em said...

sounds like us but its bread, cheese and pasta!

Anything new is the enermy!

Driving me mad and hes halfed what her eats of recent.

Em x

Mel_x said...

George suddenly really reduced what he ate around 1 - v odd.

George just points at the fruit bowl now during meals. I have to hide it!

Jeasmin said...

Mel - you made me laugh re the fruit bowl as most parents have to hide sweets bowl but you have to hide the fruits!

I fully emphasise with you and Em as my LO has also reduced her food intake and it drives me nuts! The slogan ‘it’s all for fun until 1’ used to offer some comfort, but now that Hannah is 13 months, I think I need to come up with another slogan!