Wednesday, 12 September 2007

A Feast with Grandad!

Wednesday 12th September

George ate half his breakfast at home as we started very early today, we are not sure if he added to it when he got to Grandma's.

Lunch was sausage, bacon, eggs and beans, which he ate almost all off. The beans were apparently a fave! His afternoon snack by all accounts was best part of a punnet of strawbs, some too big to eat in one, but that didn't stop him trying! lol

We weren't sure he would eat any supper, but he managed a slice of toast with philly! Where does it all go?


Mel x

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Sioneva said...

Ciaran's been eating like a piggy too - tried to get him weighed last week but the bloody HV didn't bother to show up and didn't bother to let the receptionist know until 15 minutes late.

Now cannot take him for at least a month, as it's super-busy at work, so I can't come in late on a Wednesday!!