Saturday, 1 September 2007

Danger Dinners

Saturday 1st September

George apparently had had breakfast at Grandma's this morning, but he found room for another slice of raisin toast when he got home.

Lunch was a total farce though. Whilst I was cooking, George decided to climb out of his highchair. First he got stuck in the back (how I don't know) then nearly fell out the top. I was getting really cross tbh, as I was trying to stop food burning and stop him getting hurt.

He then decided that his pasta had burned him (again, how I don't know as mine was only luke warm) and so screamed, rubbing tomato sauce all over his face, head etc etc whilst eating.

Same danger baby tricks during supper, which was herby eggy bread and fruit. He ate half a peach and half a plum (grrr) and 2 satsumas.

I might start sellotaping him in for meals this space. lol


Mel x

ps - how the hell can it be September already, that is almost Christmas!!! AGAIN!!!


Jeasmin said...

Isn't it scary how time is flying. It won't be long before we are organising our LO's weddings!

Re active baby - i know the feeling. My lo runs away and cuddles up to her daddy everytime i get a nappy out!

Mel_x said...


you get to be mother of the bride - I just get to be the interfearing old bat!!! lol

his whole independance and free thought thing can be a bit wearing sometimes though eh? Very funny other days though! pmsl


Jeasmin said...


Brought the froggy cup from ikea - i am sure Hannah will have fun with it in the morning.


Laura McIntyre said...

LOL He sounds like a little monkey, raisin bread sounds like a good idea might buy some for the girls never thought of it

Mel_x said...

The raisin bread is yummy!

Hope she likes the froggy cup Jeasmin!

Mel x