Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Daddy's Bread & Greengages

Tuesday 4th September

Well, whilst breakfast was basically the same, the toast was made with daddy's home made poppy seed bread - yummy!

Lunch was late due to a mamoth sleep today! It was 4 samosa's from the freezer, then 2 satsumas and a plum.

I defrosted the slightly odd soya meatballs to try again, but they were not overly popular! We then tried leftover fish pie, again with limited sucess. In the end George finished off with dried fruit! oh, and a greengage! Yummy!

I thought you might like to see the whole danger dinner exploits though! Do you see why I am being driven insane!! (apologies it is on its side!)

love Mel x


Em said...

Cant see pic. Em x

Jeasmin said...

I can't see them either!

Jeasmin x