Sunday, 30 September 2007

Helene & Neil's Wedding

Saturday 29th September

breakfast was toast & banana for the first sitting, then for second sitting he has some tinned spag bol (dh??!!!), egg and potato cake!

Just before we set out to the wedding, he had 2 further potato cakes, and a noddy fromage frais - which I am ashamed to say I fed him (yeah - 16 months in to this BLW lark!!) to keep his outfit clean!

During the photograph lull time after the ceremony George munched on blueberries, and a bit of peach. For the wedding breakfast he ate a cream cheese sandwhich on fresh bread, some bread roll and some dried fruit. He totally ignored the served food as a result, even the ice cream!

I was worried he hadn't eaten much, but in writing this I realise he ate quite a bit! lol


Mel x

Bad mummy was drinking wine...

Friday 28th September

george started with the usual toast & banana, then dh dropped him off at Grandma's.

We have no idea now what he had, but it was loads by all accounts as when dh tried to give him some toast & philly for supper he hardly touched it.

I was drinking wine in the office, and made it hope just before have no real clue what was happening - food or otherwise! lol


Mel x

Thursday, 27 September 2007


Thursday 27th September

I did porridge again for breakfast - today with blueberries, sultanas and dried apple in - and it went down a storm again!

Lunch was in 2 parts. A peach at home, the rest at the bf training. He had 4 mini quiches (which I have to take in the recipe for), a ton of grapes and more blueberries!

After a run round the park, we went to Crome in Chorlton for supper. George ate some dough balls to start, 3/4 of his kids ham & mushroom pizza and a tub od dairy ice cream! Phewee!


Mel x

Post 300 - can you believe it!!!

Wednesday 26th September

another breakfast of toast & banana! All eaten up though.

Dh forgot to tell me about lunch - so no clues...but he isn't as inventive as me at meal times, so it was probably cheese on toast! lol - if I remember, I will ask & update later!

Supper was supposed to be beans & fish fingers...but the fingers were rejected totally. So beans it was...all eaten beautifully with a spoon. He finished with a yoghurt (trying new ones - noddy organic ones in tubs now the spoon is used so well!) and a big handful of grapes.


Mel x

ps - I know it isn't food related - but who saw Bringing up Baby? I was utterly mortified.

Manic tuesday!

Tuesday 25th September

dh was in charge most of the day, as I had to work. He returned to toast & banana for breakfast, which wentt down okay.

Wonders will never cease, but George ate scrambled eggs and bread for lunch - he usually hates scramled eggs - maybe all the pepper dh uses helps! hmmm.

After swimming he had a bereadstick, some blueberries and a few stolen veggie cookies as a snack.

Supper was pasta with pesto & grated cheese, followed by a yoghurt. No sign of any teeth yet, but he is at least eating more, which is a relief!


Mel x

Monday, 24 September 2007

A much better day

Monday 24th September

I tried a new breakfast today - porridge with mixed in sultanas, prune (but up) and cut up dried apple rings. George ate 2 bowlful's. I cannot tell you how pleased I was to see him eat!

I had to go to work at 1 for a meeting, so DH did lunch. He says George ate almost a whole malt loaf!

I made pancake sushi rolls for supper, and George ate 2. He then had a massive pot of rhubarb yoghurt - an extra special one which was thick & delicious.

phew - a much better day than yesterday! Will try Jeasmin's suggested recipe tomorrow, as soft spoonable food seems to work!


Mel x

Sunday, 23 September 2007

I think we are teething big time

Sunday 24th September

Breakfast seemed to go okay this morning, as he ate 4 slices of fruit toast.

Lunch was another oddity, made up of sliced peaches...followed by chunks of cheese (finally!!!) and bread sticks.

Supper was another matter though. I made gnocchi with another frozen batch of HBPS - which was greated with hysteria. Every piece he put in his mouth he would cry and wince. It was awful. In the end, sitting on the kitchen counter, he ate 2 prunes, and 5 individual rice crispie shapes in milk - fed to me by him from a spoon. Whilst sobbing and tear stained.

It was awful. If it is teeth I hope they come quickly.


Mel x

No food!

Saturday 22nd September.

There was no hint of the day to come, when breakfast was had as usual!

George slept for 3 hours through lunch, and refused his apple when he woke. About 4 o'clock he finally had a tea cake.

Supper got thrown on the floor, and so he sat with no supper whilst we ate. When we finished our supper we offered him some dried fruit. He ate 2 prunes, a few raisins and half a date, The rest went on the floor, and he didn't even eat the orange. So he went to bed.


bad mummy again!! x

Poor abandoned baby!

Friday 21st September

Poor George was sent to Grandma's this morning in his pj's. He had some toast etc here, but still......

no idea about lunch - I am rubish, I know!

Supper was also at Grandma's, dh was stuck in traffic and with no car I couldn't get him! He had home made fishcakes with roast veggies.


Mel x

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Topkapi Palace & the worst mummy

Thursday 20th September

George had 2 pieces of fruit toast & a banana for breakfast.

We went to rhythm & rhyme this morning, and as I planned to be out for just the hour of the session I took no drink, snacks or nappies! I had, of course, totally got the time wrong for our LLL Peer Support training, which started 15 mins after R&R finished. I turned up with a sleeping George with no lunch etc. I scrounged a nappy when he woke...and he had 3 biscuits and water from a polystyrene cup. I looked awful. He had some fruit and a drink when we got home!

We then had an early tea at our favourite Turkish restaurant. George loves halloumi & hummous as well as bread, so I thought he would eat no problems. I hadn't banked on what a sensation he would be to the waitresses, who couldn't keep off him - he was so giddy he hardly ate - he blew kisses at them instead! He did manage most of the lollipop they found for him, until the lolly fell off the stick & he almost choked on it! Wonderful!

He is currently finishing off another 2 slices of fruity bread! Grr.


the worsy mummy on the block! x

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Football Birthday Picnic

Wednesday 19th September

Breakfast this morning waqs a continental waffle with a banana and a tiny bit of chocolate sauce!

DH has re-lost the book, so no idea what George had at Grandma's - but with luck it was fruit & healthy goodies.

As it is DH's birthday he wanted a picnic party, with burgers and football. I hade organic beef burgers (wearing rubber gloves!!), curly fries, grilled bacon & procedded cheese, with a token bit of salad. I had veggie burgers! lol. George ate half a burger bun and two slices of processed cheese - refused the meat point blank. aarrggghhhhh!!!


Mel x

ps - my office Junior tried coconut today - and wasn't impressed!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Pasta Bake - not a chance mummy!

Tuesday 18th September

Breakfast was toast & a pear..which he couldn't get in quickly enough this morning.

Lunch was 3 potato cakes with butter and a pile of blueberries.

We went to M's to play before swimming and George found his after swimming breadstick, so ate that whilst he played. As such he shared M's strawberries and biscuits after swimming - I am sure he does it to make me look like a rubbish mum!

He totally refused to even entertain the yummy pasta bake I made for supper, and in the end I relented and gave him a plum, a banana and some malt loaf! He didn't even taste the pasta bake, which is the infuriating thing. Grr


Mel x

Monday, 17 September 2007

Wonderful, Wonderful news

Monday 17th September

Breakfast was a slice of toast and a pear - a HUGE pear mind! lol

Lunch was toasted and buttered potato cakes - there was a side of cheesy scrambled eggs, but they were totally rejected.

This afternoon we went to baby clinic as I felt we hadn't been for ages. George was weighed, and is now between the 50th & 75th centiles - after all that bloody worry and heartache, and now he is almost back where he started (via a small detour to off the bottom of the 0.4 line as some of you will remember!!). Almost as good, she said there were only 2 other lo's out of the 70 odd she sees who are as advanced as George - she thinks he is really advanced developmentally for his age, and just said "well done" to me. I hate blowing my own trumpet, but after so long feeling I was doing something wrong, I cannot explain how good it feels to be complemented on my son.

After a small snack of pitta bread and salsa when mummy and daddy snuck out for a quick drink, George had gnocchi with philly & spinach for supper followed by an orange.

Off to feel smug


Mel xx

Fruit overload!!

Sunday 16th September

So, as usual the day started with toast & a banana - nothing new.

As I have a house full of fresh fruit, and George is now often funny about lunch, I gave him a bowl full of strawbs, blueberries, grapes and a cut up plum. He ate it all bar the strawbs!

DH made a delicious supper of sausage & mash with a leek & mushroom gravy. It was delicious - but George just screamed at the thought of it, pointing hysterically at the fruit bowl. In the end he had another 2 plums and an orange. So except for a slice of toast all he ate all day was fruit. Typical eh...most parents in the news struggle to get their kids to eat fruit, I am struggling to get him to eat anything else.

I was having a bit of a lazy mummy day though, so I will be a bit more determined food wise today! lol


Mel x

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Horrible Landlord affects Dinner Plans

Saturday 15th September

After his usua; breakfast with daddy, George then ate some of my tea cakes too!

Lunch was strawberries and two peaches, eaten in the pub with dh on the way back from the barber! Not sure I approve of the venue though! lol

We were thinking of trying a new supper venue after we popped out this afternoon/evening, as Lloyds in Chorlton had a nice sounding kids menu. However, after George cried for less than a minute the landlord, who appeared a little worse for wear, came and asked us to control our baby. I was so livid I walked out immediately, and am now determined to spread the word about their rude and non-child friendly attitude. So - if you are ever in Manchester - avoid Lloyds in Chorlton like the plaigue.

In the end George, dh & I all had a lovely supper in Croma...dough balls and ham pizza for George and a small tub of vanilla ice cream as a treat. lol!


Mel x

Beans on Toast

Friday 14th September

Breakfast had to be taken at Grandma's as I was rushed into the office.

Dh has no idea what Grandma did for lunch either - so all in all a rubbish blog entry for today.

He did remember that George had beans on toast for supper, but I was still at work so cannot verify it!



Mel x

Thursday, 13 September 2007

Fish Fingers & Peas

Thursday 13th September

As well as the usual, George also had some grapes for breakfast!

Lunch was a fruitarians dream, 2 plums, loads of grapes and half a suck of an apple.

We tried George with fish fingers and peas, with a blog of tartar sauce - but he wasn't interested. He did scoop the peas up with a spoon, but then spat them out again! Dh ate the fingers! The last minute stand by was a loaf (yes - really!) of buttered malt loaf!


Mel x

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

A Feast with Grandad!

Wednesday 12th September

George ate half his breakfast at home as we started very early today, we are not sure if he added to it when he got to Grandma's.

Lunch was sausage, bacon, eggs and beans, which he ate almost all off. The beans were apparently a fave! His afternoon snack by all accounts was best part of a punnet of strawbs, some too big to eat in one, but that didn't stop him trying! lol

We weren't sure he would eat any supper, but he managed a slice of toast with philly! Where does it all go?


Mel x

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Potato Cakes

Tuesday 11th September

brekkie was as usual - but it was eaten so quickly I made a second slice of toast! Half of that got eaten - but only after George had blown on it to cool it down!!!

Lunch was late after a long nap, and was fresh bread with philly, garden tomatoes (ignored!) and buttered potato cakes!

I thought Gerge would be hungry after swimming, he wolfed down a breadstick at the pool, but dh says he wasn't very interested. He ate an orange and a plum in the end!


Mel x

ps - in my update I forgot to say that George in his enthusiasm for my home grown tomatoes has picked all the green ones, chewed them once and disgarded all over the garden! grrr. x

A potted History of downtime

hurray hurray hurray - I"M BACK!!!

OMG, sad as it sounds I have been lost without my internet!

I have tried not to do anything too adventurous whilst I have been offline as I didn't want you to miss anything big. However, what has really happened with a vengance this last week or so is just how well George now eats with his fork and spoon. He managed a whole plate of beef ravioli on toast with his fork unaided this week.

I also had some sucess on sunday with a sausage casserole! I made it from scratch, a veggie one for me and meat for dh & George, and it was a sucess all round. George refused the spuds and veggies that went with it (grr) but liked his sausage. I used red lentils for the first time and even dh liked them! In my latest shopping expedition I have bought tesco out of tinned tomatoes to make other tomatoey and lentilly sauces! yummy!

The fruit love affair continues unabaited! As does the love affair with bread! oh, and I have stuck to the usual brekkie - shock horror! pmsl.

so...back to the daily diary then........


Mel x

Monday, 10 September 2007

Total Meltdown


I am sooooo sorry lovely readers! My laptop is dead, and now my new ISP has let me down. I am internetless!

I am promised to be their priority today, so I might be back later!


Mel x

Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Daddy's Bread & Greengages

Tuesday 4th September

Well, whilst breakfast was basically the same, the toast was made with daddy's home made poppy seed bread - yummy!

Lunch was late due to a mamoth sleep today! It was 4 samosa's from the freezer, then 2 satsumas and a plum.

I defrosted the slightly odd soya meatballs to try again, but they were not overly popular! We then tried leftover fish pie, again with limited sucess. In the end George finished off with dried fruit! oh, and a greengage! Yummy!

I thought you might like to see the whole danger dinner exploits though! Do you see why I am being driven insane!! (apologies it is on its side!)

love Mel x

Monday, 3 September 2007

Fish Pie

Monday 3rd September

nothing new for breakfast!

Dh made some pasta sauce for his and George's lunch, but he said only a little got eaten. George did have a pear or two though.

I bought a no added rubbish cheesy fish pie for George, but he got pretty hysterical about it tbh. He had a few spoons of it, but in the end dh resorted to philly on toast!

Grr - boy cannot live on bread & fruit alone!!!


Mel x

Pizza Hut

Sunday 2nd September

Breakfast was some brown seeded toast and a banana!

DH & I planned a walk, so I gave him an early snack of dried and fresh fruit, which he wolfed down. This was about 12 o'clock.

After a failed expedition for little boy wellies, the drizzle was so bad we abondoned the walk and headed to the local pizza hut - a rare treat! George ate a big bowl of macarroni cheese, mainly with an adult sized fork! All with very little mess. He also figured out a straw for the first time!

Supper was a pear, 2 satsumas and a plum!


Mel x

ps - forgot the office junior update from friday. He wasn't impressed by strawberries - they apparently tasted like apples. He did like the blueberries though! In fact, he asked where sold them so he could get more!

Saturday, 1 September 2007

Danger Dinners

Saturday 1st September

George apparently had had breakfast at Grandma's this morning, but he found room for another slice of raisin toast when he got home.

Lunch was a total farce though. Whilst I was cooking, George decided to climb out of his highchair. First he got stuck in the back (how I don't know) then nearly fell out the top. I was getting really cross tbh, as I was trying to stop food burning and stop him getting hurt.

He then decided that his pasta had burned him (again, how I don't know as mine was only luke warm) and so screamed, rubbing tomato sauce all over his face, head etc etc whilst eating.

Same danger baby tricks during supper, which was herby eggy bread and fruit. He ate half a peach and half a plum (grrr) and 2 satsumas.

I might start sellotaping him in for meals this space. lol


Mel x

ps - how the hell can it be September already, that is almost Christmas!!! AGAIN!!!

Cinnamon Raisin Toast - then no idea

Friday 31st August

As the title hints at, another new taste for breakfast. Cinnamon raisin toast with butter. George seemed really keen, but it was lovely!

Then off he went to Grandma's, and ended up staying the night. So no idea what he had for lunch of dinner!


Mel x