Monday, 20 August 2007

A week in Germany

Sunday 12th to Sunday 19th August

sorry everyone, I couldn't get on to update whilst I have been away. We have had a few new tastes and some very bad eating habits established over the last week, so I will do an update for the week.

George has tried bratwurst (liked), Mirabelles (loved!), all sorts of cheeses, and mini-burgers. Edit to say - he also tried a wild peach - very odd imho, but George seemed to quite like it!

He has had roving market picnic lunches based on all the freebies the German child loving stall holders handed him as we shopped (fruit, cheese, dried fruit). He has tried almost every type of German bread going!

Dad has fed him vanilla ice cream and honey, chocolate, marzipan and all sorts of other "baddies" - all of which he loved of course.

At times I have worried he was subsisting on bread and fruit, and he is once again in danger of turning into a berry.

We have also had some success with organic spelt biscuits - which I will stock up on next time I am over.

All in all, he has had late meals, late beds and been spoilt rotten - but we had a lovely time. Hope you did all remember to miss us!


Mel x


Rachiemum: said...

btw waitrose stock spelt biscuits. Im not sure if they are organic though xx

Jeasmin said...

welcome back