Thursday, 9 August 2007

A very stroppy Fruitarian

Thursday August - no idea of the date

The day started well enough with a slice and a half of toast and a couple of prunes.

Lunch started to get odd. George hate some of a peach, but just kept pointing at Grandma's plums (lol - that sounds quite rude doesn't it!!). He ate 1 or 2, ate about 1.5 small bananas and a small slice of baguette with philly.

By supper time he was hysterical if I put him in his highchair, absolutely hysterical. I held him whilst he ate a school bar (like a humzinger), then resorted to the kitchen work surface where he basically helped himself to a peach (eaten whole, he ate round the stone) 4 plums, and half a banana.

Rubbish entry today, and the first day I have been so totally pissed off that I cannot be bothered to deal with yesterday. Sorry my lovely readers, today has been a day from hell.


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

aaaaah i hope things pick up - it's not like you - you normally 'sound' realy calm when you write on your blog.what happened? if i am not being too nosy!

jeasmin xx

Mel_x said...

I usually am very calm! pmsl.

I have no idea what was wrong with George, but he was a total nightmare!

All is calm once more! Thanks hun


Mel x