Thursday, 30 August 2007

Mushroom Omlette - Twice!

Thursday 30th August

I forgot all about the porridge plans this morning, so reverted to the usual - but with tiger bread instead of sliced!

I made a delicious cheese & mushroom omlette for lunch, which he ate 1 square of. I was so cross he had nothing else except a drink & the omlette went in the fridge for supper.

\He wasn't impressed with the omlette at the second presentation either, but did eat 2 satsumas and two plums (lovely english ones which are paler than the usual ones you see!)

So not a lot of food at all...but I think in the down time he had a growth spurt, as whilst he had nothing new or exciting there were days when he ate loads and loads.


Mel x

ps - where are your BLW stories lovely readers?????


mumlollipop said...

Hi Mel, just posted my BLW experience - sorry it took so long to arrive. It turned into a bit of an essay I'm afraid!! Hope its ok.
Laura xx

P.s I doscovered a new breakfast for JJ today as he always had bitesize oatibix/shredded wheat - I made some readybrek, a bit thicker than suggested, mixed it with some mashed banana and he scooped it up with his hands and loved it! He hated normal ready brek! this could be worth trying with George seeing as he loves bananas so much! It was also nice cold mixed with some greek yogurt as a pudding to use up leftovers.
Laura x

Mel_x said...

I tried him on porridge, which he seemed to like, but |I will give it a go with banana. I also thought I would try some with blueberry too...hmm


Mel x

Laura McIntyre said...

I hate when they won't eat something you have made - esp when you know they like it.

We just give the baby the same food as her sister, boring but the easiest

Mel_x said...

Laura - it drives me bonkers! The old ante-natal yoge breathing still has its uses though! *and breath* - pmsl.

Mel x