Saturday, 11 August 2007

Kaitlyn's 3rd Birthday Party

Saturday 11th August,

Today has been a bit of a crap food day really. George had brown toast with marmite and 2 mini bananas for breakfast - but then dh shared some of his McDonalds hash brown - luckily George was none too impressed!

I gave him some fresh bread and philly for lunch, then off we went to Kaitlyn's party (George's cousin!). He seemed to have trouble deciding whether to eat jaffa cakes or raspberries, but in the end took to stealing raspberries off everyone's plates - including people we had never met! lol

Supper was a tin of beans & sausage from the kids organic bit, but George was full of crap, so settled for a peach again!


Mel x

ps - we are off to my parents tomorrow, 10 hr journey by car & ferry, so blog will be a bit late! wish us bon voyage! x


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Have you posted since 11th August - if so, i can't seem to acces it.