Thursday, 2 August 2007

A home grown tomato and mini quiche's

Thursday 2nd August

Breakfast was a return to the norm, of a banana and a slice of toast.

Lunch was a return to the fruit fest as it was taken at 2pm! He had 2 peaches, a plum and 3/4 of an orange. He also had some blueberries and a dried apricot.

Supper was a treat...we picked the 1st tomato off the plants....

but I don't think it was very nice!!!

I then made some mini quiches, filled with cheese, spinach, ham, mushrooms and sweetcorn. George ate 5! Then finished off with a couple of strawbs!

(see - trying hard with 4 photo's tonight - lol!)


Mel x


NaturalMummy said...

enjoying reading your blog. Its really useful because i'm only a few weeks in and running out of ideas. My little one, Phoebe, was sick about two weeks ago and seems to be very fussy ever since. Took her a while to get her appetite back. :-( The only things she'll consistently eat are cherry tomatoes and organix finger foods. Hopefully we'll be back to normal soon.
Anyway, i just wanted to say hi and thanks!

Laura (our blw blog)

Mel_x said...

Hi Laura,

glad you are finding my random mutterings of some use! I am sure Phoebe will soon get her appetite back. Let me know how you get on.


Mel x