Wednesday, 29 August 2007

He now hates the Hidden Broccoli Sauce! Grr!!

Wednesday 29th August

I wasn't in work today, so we can finally do a full report! lol

Now, don't all fall down in shock, but I tried George on some porrige this morning, mixed with a little bit of honey. He ate some, but I gave him a crap spoon so he got bored. He also had a slice of toast.

Lunch was 4 mini quiches from the freezer, a plum and 2 satsumas. (I went shopping today - lol!)

I had also defrosted some hidden broccoli pasta sauce - the one with lentils in. He must have eaten 3 bites! I am not sure tbh if it is that or the tricolour pasta? Will experiment. I relented and gave some blueberries and a banana. I am rubbish at the "if you don't eat your dinner you get nothing else" at dinner time, empty tummies at bedtime just make me sad.


Mel x


Sioneva said...

At this age I don't think you can really enforce eating any particular food!

What kind of a broccoli sauce is it? Could you try hiding broccoli in little quiches or that sort of thing?

Mel_x said...

it was the hidden broccoli pasta sauce that he used to love only recently!

It was a freezer batch....grr!

Laura McIntyre said...

I hate to just leave them hungary at this age to, hope he starts liking the sauce again soon