Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Another bad end to a food day! oh, and a snail!

Tuesday 7th August

Breakfast was a running battle, but a slice of toast and 2 of grandma's plums eventually got eaten. His mid morning snack was tomatoes and cherry's straight off the plants as we did a bit of gardening! I managed to remove at least half of a chewed snail from his mouth, but it was well chewed! bleugh!

We had lunch in the garden as it was so nice. I gave George malt loaf, which is a good job as I think I have poisoned myself with the left over chicken pie from last night. This is why I am a veggie! lol. He ate half a loaf!

Supper is proving to be a battle, I type as we sit at the table as I am trying to ignore his sharpening of his teeth on the high chair whilst his supper goes uneaten! He had a tin of the asda ravioli, which he normally stuffs down like it is going out of fashion - but not tonight. He has eaten over half though.

I have risked a prune, but hold out no hope that it will be eaten.


Mel x

ps - I asked our gp, and he is apparently in no danger from the snail!


Em said...

I have chuckled at the snail! Em x

Jeasmin said...

Em chuckled and i went yuuuuuuuuck!
but some love fried snails don't they, so they must be ok. although i don't want to try to know for sure!

Sioneva said...

A growing boy must have his protein, Mummy! You should try him on some garlic fried ones as you're driving through France!