Thursday, 30 August 2007

Mushroom Omlette - Twice!

Thursday 30th August

I forgot all about the porridge plans this morning, so reverted to the usual - but with tiger bread instead of sliced!

I made a delicious cheese & mushroom omlette for lunch, which he ate 1 square of. I was so cross he had nothing else except a drink & the omlette went in the fridge for supper.

\He wasn't impressed with the omlette at the second presentation either, but did eat 2 satsumas and two plums (lovely english ones which are paler than the usual ones you see!)

So not a lot of food at all...but I think in the down time he had a growth spurt, as whilst he had nothing new or exciting there were days when he ate loads and loads.


Mel x

ps - where are your BLW stories lovely readers?????

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

He now hates the Hidden Broccoli Sauce! Grr!!

Wednesday 29th August

I wasn't in work today, so we can finally do a full report! lol

Now, don't all fall down in shock, but I tried George on some porrige this morning, mixed with a little bit of honey. He ate some, but I gave him a crap spoon so he got bored. He also had a slice of toast.

Lunch was 4 mini quiches from the freezer, a plum and 2 satsumas. (I went shopping today - lol!)

I had also defrosted some hidden broccoli pasta sauce - the one with lentils in. He must have eaten 3 bites! I am not sure tbh if it is that or the tricolour pasta? Will experiment. I relented and gave some blueberries and a banana. I am rubbish at the "if you don't eat your dinner you get nothing else" at dinner time, empty tummies at bedtime just make me sad.


Mel x

Big Apology!

I am so sorry guys - my laptop went into total meltdown & is broken, it looks irretrievably.

I have borrowed one from work in the meantime!

George had nothing very exciting though! lol, in fact except a few things he refused to entertain at all he ate nothing new!


Mel x

Friday, 24 August 2007

Dried Cranberries

Thursday 23rd August

I imaging dh gave the usual for breakfast!

Lunch was a concoction of dried fruits and strawbs. He had apple rings, apricots, dates and cranberries. He ate quite a bit actually, but I only gave a snack type lunch as he had slept until 2pm! lol

Supper was a cheese and herb omlette, which dissappeared in a flash, followed by some tinned pineapple (in juice before the mummy police come and get me!!)


Mel x

Have now lost the book

Wednesday 22nd August

Am letting the side down today....breakfast was the usual.....I have lost the book so no idea what Grandma gave George for lunch.


I also went to my friends for the night, so wasn't involved in supper. I do know dh did him ravioli on toast though!



Mel xxx

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Nothing new!

Tuesday 21st August

Breakfast was a return to the usual!

Lunch was a selection of dried fruit, worked out on the basis that he is usually off lunch. He had cranberries, dates & apple rings.

Supper was a hawaii pizza - bought back as the travelling emergency supper we were too late home to eat. 3 strawbs were the sum total of dessert! lol


Mel x

Monday, 20 August 2007


Monday 20th August

Hello properly again everyone!

The first day of my diet started badly when I had the same as George, two croissants for breakfast! eek! He also had some strawbs and mirabelles we bought back from Germany - does anyone know where or if I can get these in the UK & if they are called something different - they are fab!

George refused lunch, but ate an organic cereal bar and some scone at Ciaran's house!

Supper was 1.5 mushroom puff pastry flans and 2 tomato puffs too. He refused the tomatoes we picked for supper, but finished off the mirabelles and had a few extra strawbs too.


Mel x

A week in Germany

Sunday 12th to Sunday 19th August

sorry everyone, I couldn't get on to update whilst I have been away. We have had a few new tastes and some very bad eating habits established over the last week, so I will do an update for the week.

George has tried bratwurst (liked), Mirabelles (loved!), all sorts of cheeses, and mini-burgers. Edit to say - he also tried a wild peach - very odd imho, but George seemed to quite like it!

He has had roving market picnic lunches based on all the freebies the German child loving stall holders handed him as we shopped (fruit, cheese, dried fruit). He has tried almost every type of German bread going!

Dad has fed him vanilla ice cream and honey, chocolate, marzipan and all sorts of other "baddies" - all of which he loved of course.

At times I have worried he was subsisting on bread and fruit, and he is once again in danger of turning into a berry.

We have also had some success with organic spelt biscuits - which I will stock up on next time I am over.

All in all, he has had late meals, late beds and been spoilt rotten - but we had a lovely time. Hope you did all remember to miss us!


Mel x

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Kaitlyn's 3rd Birthday Party

Saturday 11th August,

Today has been a bit of a crap food day really. George had brown toast with marmite and 2 mini bananas for breakfast - but then dh shared some of his McDonalds hash brown - luckily George was none too impressed!

I gave him some fresh bread and philly for lunch, then off we went to Kaitlyn's party (George's cousin!). He seemed to have trouble deciding whether to eat jaffa cakes or raspberries, but in the end took to stealing raspberries off everyone's plates - including people we had never met! lol

Supper was a tin of beans & sausage from the kids organic bit, but George was full of crap, so settled for a peach again!


Mel x

ps - we are off to my parents tomorrow, 10 hr journey by car & ferry, so blog will be a bit late! wish us bon voyage! x

All is calm once more!

Friday 10th August

George had a slice of toast at home, and then toast & a banana at Grandma's.

Will have to get back to you about lunch, but from the quick flick I had there was almost every kind of fruit offered and rejected, yoghurt & honey and something savoury! lol

Supper was a cheese omlette then a peach. I have taken to giving whole peaches to George, and he does eat round the stone. It is very cute, I will have to take a video & attempt to post it!


Mel x

Thursday, 9 August 2007

A very stroppy Fruitarian

Thursday August - no idea of the date

The day started well enough with a slice and a half of toast and a couple of prunes.

Lunch started to get odd. George hate some of a peach, but just kept pointing at Grandma's plums (lol - that sounds quite rude doesn't it!!). He ate 1 or 2, ate about 1.5 small bananas and a small slice of baguette with philly.

By supper time he was hysterical if I put him in his highchair, absolutely hysterical. I held him whilst he ate a school bar (like a humzinger), then resorted to the kitchen work surface where he basically helped himself to a peach (eaten whole, he ate round the stone) 4 plums, and half a banana.

Rubbish entry today, and the first day I have been so totally pissed off that I cannot be bothered to deal with yesterday. Sorry my lovely readers, today has been a day from hell.


Mel x

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Another bad end to a food day! oh, and a snail!

Tuesday 7th August

Breakfast was a running battle, but a slice of toast and 2 of grandma's plums eventually got eaten. His mid morning snack was tomatoes and cherry's straight off the plants as we did a bit of gardening! I managed to remove at least half of a chewed snail from his mouth, but it was well chewed! bleugh!

We had lunch in the garden as it was so nice. I gave George malt loaf, which is a good job as I think I have poisoned myself with the left over chicken pie from last night. This is why I am a veggie! lol. He ate half a loaf!

Supper is proving to be a battle, I type as we sit at the table as I am trying to ignore his sharpening of his teeth on the high chair whilst his supper goes uneaten! He had a tin of the asda ravioli, which he normally stuffs down like it is going out of fashion - but not tonight. He has eaten over half though.

I have risked a prune, but hold out no hope that it will be eaten.


Mel x

ps - I asked our gp, and he is apparently in no danger from the snail!

Monday, 6 August 2007

Evening meals cooked - 2. Evening meals eaten - 0

Monday 6th August

Breakfast was a slice of toast and a couple of grandma's plums.

Lunch was 2 mini quiche's and 3 slices of buttered malt loaf.

Then, it all went a bit wrong at supper time. I cooked pasta with a frozen hidden broccoli pasta sauce. This was met with crying! So I made some eggy bread - more crying! In the end he had 2 cups of water and a date! Wonderful - fingers crossed he isn't sick.


Mel x

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Grandma's again

Sunday 5th August

George had an apricot pastry for breakfast, but a very late one as he slept in until 9am!

As a result lunch was a non-starter, a date and half a yoghurt!

We went to Grandma's & Grandad's for the afternoon, and George refused his roast spuds and chicken, choosing instead bread & dairylea, greek yoghurt & honey and grapes! LOL


Mel x


Saturday 4th August

Breakfast was the usual.

Lunch was shop bought mushroom tortellini with a tomato & mascarpone sauce.

Supper was some left over mini quiche. I am sorry this is sooooo late, am just slacking, apologies!


Mel x

The book is in the boot

Friday 3rd August

George had a banana at home, then a banana and a slice of toast at Grandma's.

I have read what he had for lunch, and delayed blogging until i knew for definite, but it is in the boot and I am too lazy to go get it!

For supper he had plums and blueberries, he apparently wasn't too interested!


Mel x

Friday, 3 August 2007

Another extra post - your BLW experiences

Hi lovely blog readers

an quick extra post once more, but not a ranting one!! lol]

I thought it would be nice to include some stories and pictures of your BLW experiences, so I have set up a seperate section of the blog called unimaginatively!!) Your BLW experiences.

Please have a look, and follow the instructions as to how to share your stories!

Hope to see lots soon


Mel x

ps - if you want to include links to your own lovely blogs on there then please feel free to do so!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

A home grown tomato and mini quiche's

Thursday 2nd August

Breakfast was a return to the norm, of a banana and a slice of toast.

Lunch was a return to the fruit fest as it was taken at 2pm! He had 2 peaches, a plum and 3/4 of an orange. He also had some blueberries and a dried apricot.

Supper was a treat...we picked the 1st tomato off the plants....

but I don't think it was very nice!!!

I then made some mini quiches, filled with cheese, spinach, ham, mushrooms and sweetcorn. George ate 5! Then finished off with a couple of strawbs!

(see - trying hard with 4 photo's tonight - lol!)


Mel x

Greek Yoghurt & Honey

Wednesday 1st August

how did we get to august already???

Breakfast was 2 banana's at home. then off to Grandma's.

Lunch was a pizza bread bun with tomato puree, tomatoes and cheese with a little ham on the side. He then had some raspberries, strawberries, grapes and some orange. He then had the greek yoghurt & honey.

Supper was a feast of fruit - 2 peaches, three plums and some other bits and bobs!


Mel x