Thursday, 19 July 2007

What a grown up boy

Thursday 19th July

Breakfast today was a banana, half a suck on a pear and half a crust of toast!

We went for a picnic with M & her mummy as it was absolutely glorious today here. George was quite grim really, and ate philly straight out of the tub on his finger! Eugh! He also ate strawbs, grapes & blueberries - oh and a bit of a breadstick too!

For supper though he put on a good show! We made him filled tortellini (garlic & herb) with spinach & ricotta. I forgot to say he has not been using suction cups on bowls for a couple of weeks, but today he had no suction bowl, no bib and a fork. And he ate all his pasta with the fork and none got on his top! Woo hoo! I helped him spear some of the more tricky pasta but he did lots totally alone too! He finished off with some lychees.


Mel x

ps - the office Jnr liked nectarine but asked if plums were meant to be eaten! lol


Em said...

Poor office junior bet shes scared of what you'll bring next LOL! Em x

Anonymous said...

Well done George for eating with a fork!
just wondering what type of fork you are using?
plastic or metal?
We have been trying Nye with a plastic fork for a week or so and he's great at getting it in his mouth but i have to spear the food onto it. I even find that hard sometimes!

mumlollipop said...

LOL about the office junior! You should give him something like a passion fruit ot a pomegranite and see what he does with it! Maybe he needs a blog of his own!

Mel_x said...

Hi Lynda,

it is a metal fork. He only has it when one of us can sit with him, not if I am pottering!

Em & Lollipop - am thinking of doing berries this week. Was going to take a lychee - I told him this and he had never heard of them! It is scary!! PMSL at the office jnr blog!


Mel x