Tuesday, 24 July 2007

A Rusholme Curry - Part II

Tuesday 24th July

A return to usual of breakfast! Only change was it was fresh bread! lol

Lunch was beans near toast (I don't like soggy bread!!PMSL). George liked the beans from a fork, but wasn't interested in the bread. He had a half hearted suck on some orange segments too!

For supper we went to Rusholme for a curry. George ate veggie samosas, and naan bread. He ha some veggie koftas too, but was full by then I think so we have bought them home to try tomorrow! lol

I feel today has been lacking in fruit really, but he has had veggies so I guess it is okay!


Mel x

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Jeasmin said...

i think G has already eaten in his 1st year of life his 5 a day fruit requirement for the next 5 years! so i am sure few days here and there without fruit would be ok! LOL!