Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Ron's Vegetable Muffins

Monday 2nd July

We started with the new usual of a slice of toast and a banana!

Lunch was a bit of a disaster really. I made a bagel with pesto & melted cheese, but that was rejected (yay for mummy!!) and in the end he ate fruit.

I have been having veg guilt, so today I made Ron's veggie muffins filled with corgette, onion, sweet potato, sweetcorn, carrot & broccoli along with cheese & eggs!

George ate them with real gusto and polished off 4.5 of them! woo hoo - veg guilt aleviated!!


Mel x


Em said...

Hey i neeeeeeeeeed that recipe, Will wont eat veg at all at the mo, looked on your recipes page and i'm either blind or its not on there! I am going mad at mo, he not really eating and what he will eat is only bread or pasta (worse than normal) Em x

Em said...

Sorry forgot please! Where are my manners!