Friday, 6 July 2007

M&S Sandwich

Friday 6th July

Breakfast was taken in 2 sittings today. A banana before I got dropped off at work, and potato cakes when he & daddy got home.

They then went to the office as MIL is definately on holiday now! lol. They were going to go out for lunch but George slept through it, so dh bought him a M&S cheese sandwich on the way back to the offive - great choice after the salt hysteria in pre-packed sandwiches!

He made pasta for supper, but George just wanted to play with it! In the end he had a satsuma and 2 pears. Hope the next tooth comes through soon! grrr.


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

don't feel too bad about the sandwiches. hannah had a few on our last hol! i moderation everytghing is fine! i am taking a laid back attitude to food these days!

by the way, has G tried lychees, now is the season - again from the asian grocery shop. just don't forget to take out the stone.

Rachiemum: said...

lychees were one of the first thing i tried Ari on when we started BLW all those months ago. Back then they used to come out of her pretty much the same as they went in just a horrid green colour!! sorry TMI i'd just forgotten until i saw them mentioned lol