Monday, 9 July 2007

Italy Pie

Monday 9th July

It may be possible that George had 2 slices of toast again for breakfast, along with a banana.

He had a humzinger not long before lunch because I had a cuppa and some biscuits - naughty mummy.

Lunch was a non-starter again really. He had a little cheese, about 3/4 of a pear and a couple of prunes. But breakfast is so massive I guess a small lunch is to be expected.

For supper I made Italy Pie - I named it because it was white, red & green! lol. It was filled with chicken, flagolet beans, corgettes, mushrooms and broccoli. I made a yummy 2 cheese sauce too. I am so proud to say - GEORGE ATE BROCOLLI!!!! I also made spicy potato wedges, which he was indifferent to. But they were yummy! Should I remember what I did, and if anyone is interested I will share the recipes! lol He also had some grapes and a tangerine for dessert.


Mel xxxx

ps - most of supper eaten with a fork - v exciting!

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Em said...

Hey were just mastering the fork, arent they funny trying to stab! Will had chili for his birthday tea, wasnt too spicy and he ate loads.

Pie sounds great!

Em x