Thursday, 5 July 2007

Halloumi & balsamic salad

Thursday 5th July

usual breakfast!

Lunch was a new treat. I hade some grilled Halloumi and a salad with a balsamic reduction. George seemed to really like the haloumi, but wasn't so sure about the salad! He had a pear for dessert.

I made some of my special polenta for supper, but after eating the 1st piece with enthusiasm, he threw the rest on the floor. He is currently eating a plate of assorted fruit! Only the prunes are proving popular though!

Definately teething again though, he has been a nightmare today and seems off food! Bloody teeth.


Mel x

ps - no comments lately - anyone still out there?


Jeasmin said...

Hi there,

Would you believe it, I check your sister everyday as I check my emails daily and I quickly have a peek at your blog as well, but feel lazy to write but read other people’s comments! I was also wondering the same thing about comments. BC site also seems v quiet.

I know how you feel about the teeth. Hannah starts to eat well and then goes through a bad patch due to teething (we are on tooth number 4!)

The other day she had a whole mango for supper with other things as well. I was soooo surprised. Things with food are def better. I think of the early days. Hannah’s 1st birthday is coming (30 July) and I keep thinking how things were 5 months ago.

Before I forget, now is the reason for those lovely, sweet, ripe mangos. You can get them from any Asian grocery shop. Ask for the Pakistani mango’s. They are delicious. It’s in all the shops and so different from the mango’s you get from Tesco. Have it with ice-cream or make a lassi with it. G will love it!

We went on holiday to the Highlands for a week – it was fab and very easy with Hannah due to BLW.

Sorry for long post – making up for missed comments!


Jeasmin said...

error.... i check yor site (not sister?!?)

Mel_x said...

Jeasmin - PMSL about you checking my sister!!!

I will ask about the mango's - we live right next to a big asian area so they are bound to have some local to me...G loves mango.

Hannah turning 1 will no doubt be as scary as G turning 1, frightened the life out of me tbh.

We are just about to get tooth 6 I think...please let it be soon!

Glad to hear from you again!


Mel x

Rachiemum: said...

mel - i hadnt even thought about trying Ari on salad... i just figured she wouldnt be able to eat the leaves... which is probably a little crazy of me. especially as she loves cooked spinach!