Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Fruity Jelly

Monday 23rd July

Out of blogging shame George today had toast & prunes, just for the change!

lunch was a complete non-starter again. I made pasta in ricotta & spinach but it went straight on the floor. In the end all he ate was about 2/3 of a banana.

Supper was a right old mish mash. I did a veggie quiche & a bacon and onion quiche and George ate a bit of both. I pan roasted a few tomatoes in balsamic, and they went down okay. He ate the steamed peas, but rejected the steamed spinach. He was indifferent about the potato's!

What he did like was pudding. I made veggie Jellies with strawns and blueberries in! He ate 2! lol


Mel x


Jeasmin said...

yum yum..jelley sounds great..what do you mean veggie jelly?

also, i am looking for a experienced blw mum to come and do a presentation about blw at my local children centre in London, East london? you would be fab. the centre said they would pay, but it will probably be meansley amount? if you can't, do you know anyone in london who may be interested? it has to be on a tuesday between 1.30 - 3.30pm.

anyone else out there who can help?

let me know.


Mel_x said...

The Jelly was made without Gelatin - but with a veggie alternative!

I would be interested in doing the chat if we can work out the logistics of me getting down there etc. I am off on tuesdays so could get there potentially. Will try and find a post on BC from you & email you!


Mel x

Jeasmin said...

Thanks Mel.

My email is jeasmin@hotmail.com.
Let me know how much your return train ticket would be and then i will ask the Centre if they would be willing to pay up along with a fee off course. Like i said it would probably be a meansley amount but I would really love to spread the word about BLW as i am getting tired of seeing babies being fed pureed food, but then why babies snatch my Hannah's food (steamed veg sticks) at the playgroup, they manage just fine! As i haven't done BLW, (finger food), i wouldn't be a motivational figure for mums. I know in this area( potentially asian), BLW is unheard of. Mum's that i have spoken with about BLW are amazed when i tell them about G, and some have given it a try but then have also mixed fed (hand feeding). i think all the blw mums that have made it a success have done so because they have stuck to the rules of BLW, one of which is no HAND FEEDING.

So let me know.