Sunday, 15 July 2007

Can a Burger King ever be healthy?

Saturday 15th July

For some reason, after dh had got up with George and done the whole toast & banana thing he went back to bed abandoning me with George! In the end he had more toast with me! This time with marmite on.

After a trip to buy a big boy's car seat my hungover cravings for rubbish won and we went to BK. We got George some grapes and apples, and he ate some bun from his very dubious looking (and hastily removed) veggie burger. Thank god he ate so much breakfast! lol. He also had some milk!

We went from there to his friend's birthday he had an early supper of cheese spread sandwiches and half a rice cake! All this meant he was too full to eat much of his croma pizza - so daddy finished it off. He did find room though for mascarpone! lol


Mel x


Lesley said...

Personally my answer to your post title is 'no'! But I love them when I've got a hangover too lol. Well for me it has to be a McD McChicken Sandwich but its close enough.

I think Luke has been there twice in his life to eat, both in emergency nowhere else situations and then he's had the nuggets with the coating removed. Naomi never so far.

I don't want to ban such food I don't want it to be subversive. But I want him to be a bit older and to have had home-made versions a lot first so that he might enjoy it but hopefully he'll realise how much fat and salt is in it and so only want it occasionally.

Mel_x said...

i felt ashamed being in there with George tbh - but then some fruit and bread roll is hardly the end of the world - I just set high targets for myself! lol


Mel x

Em said...

Yep Mel, sorry i think you are too hard on your self! Its not like you bought him chicken nuggets and dippers or what ever they are called??!!

I dont think there are many children in this world that eat as well are your boy!

I only ever end up in fast food type places 1, when someone else wants to eat there or 2, when i need to eat crap to cure my hangover (normally Mcd's crap salty breakfasts)

Em x